White Wine

A wonderful selection of white wines from around the world - mix and match your wine cases by making your own selection - delivery charges are just £5.95 for up to 12 bottles

Marisco Curious Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc

Product reference: Nz10
RRP £9.99 + VAT
1 bottles

McManis Family Vineyard Chardonnay

Product reference: Us26

This Chardonnay from McManis Family Vineyards, has a vibrant hue, and is light straw in color. The nose of the wine is a beautiful gallimaufry of Pear, Peach, Lychee and tropical fruit. Notes of Vanilla and toast are contributed from French Oak aging. A richly textured offering of melon, Pear and Pinapple flavors are palpable in the mouth. The finish is long, filled with the tastes previously mentioned and has a nice acidity that invites another drink.

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1 bottles

McManis Family Vineyard Viogner

Product reference: Us25
RRP £10.99 + VAT
1 bottles

Sensi Vermentino IGT Collezione

Product reference: it08

APPELLATION : Vermentino  IGT Toscana   (Typical Geographic Indication)

VINE VARIETY : Vermentino 100%
PRODUCTION ZONE : Produced on the Tuscan coast, exhibits the
rich, appealingly pungent scents of the local Mediterranean scrub.
ALTITUDE: Sea level
EXPOSURE: Flat sited vineyards
TERRAIN COMPOSITION : Sandy with subsoil of clay
RRP £8.99 + VAT
1 bottles

Sensi Vin Santo Del Chianti DOC

Product reference: it06

Produced in the antique Tuscan tradition of drying the grapes on mats and long aging in small barrels called Caratelli , the product has been known since the Medieval era. It is supposed that its name came from a legend from 1348 where its talked about a monk passing out the wine to his brothers to celebrate mass having the power to heal sick people.

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1 bottles

Tierra De Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc

Product reference: Ch16

Tierra de Estrellas translates as ‘Land of the Stars’; an accolade awarded to Chile as its famously clear night skies make it a mecca for astrologists and stargazers. The image on the label depicts the ‘Southern Cross’; a cross-shaped constellation clearly visible from most countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

RRP £5.99 + VAT
1 bottles
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